Boy Scout Leader Charged in Sexual Abuse of a Child


WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  Police have arrested a former Boy Scout troop leader for molesting an 11-year-old boy.

Court documents state 46-year-old Lyle Scott Mackay of Herriman has been charged with Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child.

A probable cause statement shows Mackay invited a boy scout to his home to play board games.

Once the boy was at the home, the records go on to say, Mackay wanted to watch college basketball and took the child in to the bedroom to sit on his bed.

That’s when detectives with the Unified Police Department said the boy was sexually abused.

Detectives that were called to investigate the claims state, when the mother went to pick up her child the boy was ‘pale.’

“I think it’s scary. Especially just moving here. We have three kids,” said Raymond Irzaroy. 

Irzaroy and his family moved next door to Mackay last May.

“He has tents set up in the back yard for sleep overs sometimes,” he said. “The sleepovers I was talking about looks like boy scouts or something in the backyard.”

Irzaroy added that Mackay and others in the house stayed to themselves.

“They are distant. They, don’t really talk to them. They were the only ones that didn’t really come up and introduce themselves,” he said.

But when Mackay was around, Irzaroy said he made his family uncomfortable.

“There have been times where he had been watching us from his room when I’m out there with the kids on the trampoline and I think, ‘What is he looking at,” said Irzaroy.

Now, Mackay is looking at the inside of a jail cell.

In an interview with investigators according to the probable cause statement,  on the 18th of March Mackay admitted to putting ‘His arm around the victim, rubb[ing] his back, and then touch[ing] the victim’s genitals, skin-to-skin.’

Records show Mackay told police, this was the first time he was alone with the child and all prior meetings were with other scout or cub members.

Mackay is due in a West Jordan Justice Courtroom at 8:30 on Thursday, March 7, 2016.

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