Renowned Utah based DJ, Richie T. Steadman came to Good Things Utah about his local DJ business. A jack of all trades and friend of GTU host Deena Manzanares, Steadman feels being a DJ is a great way to bring joy to your events and special days. While weddings are his forte, Steadman feels music brings joy to any event. “We have a lot of fun, [we] bring lots of happiness to people. Not only weddings, also corporate events, community events, anytime anyone needs music or someone to entertain them. I’ve even done pool parties for five people before,” said Steadman. “[They say] ‘We want someone to play whatever we yell out.’ Boom. I’m there playing the music for them.” Steadman got his start on New Year’s Eve 2009 and “got addicted” after his first gig. His business, Best DJ In Utah, was founded five years ago.

Music can certainly amplify your party and add a festive flair but when you have a DJ who loves what they do that will elevate the experience even more. With over a decade’s worth of experience, Steadman brings a warm and jubilant experience. Manzanares described Steadman as “so fun and so personable” which makes him bring the party to full bloom at each event. During his sement on GTU, Steadman talked about the enjoyment in a “Silent Disco”, where participants wear headphones and enjoy the music while also being able to converse with other guests. Steadman also says he enjoys playing music for line dancing and even called The Beehive State “the line dance capital of the world.”  “It’s one of my favorite things to be able to lead someone through that [be]cause people feel comfortable when other people are dancing.”

Steadman has two big tips when thinking about incorporating a DJ at your event. First, Determine your budget: It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when the word “budget” gets thrown around but Steadman argues it can be helpful to think about costs and figure out what’s important for your event. “If a DJ [and] having a dance party is the most important thing, then put a lot of money towards getting someone that’s quality.” said Steadman. He also suggests booking your venue before you book a DJ. In order to ensure your needs are met by the DJ for your event, it’s crucial to know where the event will be held and what resources will be available. Steadman mentioned it can make a difference if we take into account the venue.

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