Bone chilling temperatures hit Logan


LOGAN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Arctic-like temperatures hit Logan with a vengeance this week.

“It’s been a long time since it’s been this bad,” said Kenneth Eanes who was braving the elements Friday.

And every which way one turned in Logan, there were reminders of the bitter cold.  A car wash wasn’t operating “due to the cold,” said a sign outside.
Water pipes froze at a convenience store shutting down their restrooms.

“It’s about zero right now,” said Eanes. “But it was down to 15 below last night.  It’s a heck of a time to go to work, but it isn’t bad in the sun.”

Actually weather monitors in the area recorded temperatures of twenty-two below zero.
It was so cold overnight, school in Cache County was canceled for a second day after buses failed to start.

“Our buses were jelling  up, temperatures were more extreme than forecast so we made the decision at 5:45 to cancel school for the day,” said Tim Smith, a spokesman for the district.

Meanwhile, up to two feet of snow is creating problems for those having to navigate through the roads.  Mailman Ron Kohler said people are starting to clear areas around their mailboxes.

“It’s a lot better now,” he said.  “It’s real cold.  It hasn’t been this cold in a very long time.”

And Russell Goodwin who’s been digging out of his driveway for two days said the extreme weather is a blast from past.

“It’s been cold and  there’s been a lot of snow,” he said. “I was telling a neighbor the other day  it’s like the good old days.  It’s like the winters I remember.”

But all this snow is creating a new concern.  With almost two feet of snow over the past few days, Eanes hired someone to get it off the roof before it’s too late.

“Two feet is too much for the roof and especially if it starts raining on Monday it probably will make it heavier,” he said. “So I thought I should get it off while I’m able to.”

And the Cache County sheriff posted another warning on Facebook.  The sheriff says the weather is expected to warm up into the forties and could create flooding.  He said residents should grab sandbags just in case.

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