Body composition test may help people make healthier lifestyle choices

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – We are about half way through summer, and whether or not you have an exercise program, you may be wondering how healthy you are. There is a way to find out! The University of Utah College of Health is home to the Bod Pod, a machine that accurately measures how much fat you have and whether or not it’s time to make some lifestyle changes.  
Luis Pena is a registered nutritionist, dietician, and body competitor. However, just three years ago, Pena was pre-diabetic. “I was actually obese, I was pre-diabetic, I was 250 pounds, about 35% body fat,” he explains. 
Pena says understanding his body composition was instrumental in making healthier life decisions
Robert Molling is a health and nutrition expert who owns 1% Fitness, a meal prep company based in Sandy, Utah. He agrees–knowing your body makeup is vital to reaching your healthiest goals.
“The more that you know the better off you’ll be,” he says. 
There are a number of ways to test body composition, such as the pinching method, but the University of Utah is home to one of the most accurate: a space-age-looking egg called the Bod Pod. 
Sam Highsmith, a Producer at ABC4 Utah, agreed to do the Bod Pod test so the ABC4 team could see how it works. 
The machine displaces air to give a precise reading of your body fat and lean muscle. After two to three–one minute intervals, the test is done.
Britta Trepp, the Associate Director of PEAK Health and Fitness at the U of U, says the results one gets from the Bod Pod are important. “Numbers on the scale don’t tell the whole story,” she explains. 
After the test, Sam learned that she has about 30.9% body fat, a bit over the recommended average for females. She says she will use this information to change her lifestyle moving forward. 
“I’m in my early to mid 20s. Now is the time to make changes, and having this info I know that I have to watch what I eat and be more active,” Sam says. 
The Bod Pod is relied on for its accuracy, even U of U coaches bring their athletes and sometimes the entire team to get tested. It may be overwhelming to learn about your body composition at first, but Molling says getting test results can often be motivating.
And Pena Agrees. He says once you start to understand your body, making healthier choices becomes habit.
Everyone we spoke with recommended little lifestyle changes to make big changes in your health–it’s not about the number on the scale, but the way you feel physically and emotionally. 
If you’re interested in learning more about the Bod Pod test or living a healthier lifestyle, you can do so by visiting this link.

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