MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4) – A local construction company said it had $500,000 worth of equipment stolen Wednesday night and Thursday morning. B. Hansen Construction is dealing with the aftermath of the theft, from finding the equipment to finding who did it.

Skyler Hansen, the owner of B. Hansen Construction, said the theft is a huge setback because he and his employees need that equipment for the work and jobs they do around the state. His mechanic, Ray Crawford, says this has him feeling extremely irritated.

“It just makes me real mad,” said Crawford. “I mean you almost want to find blood; blood boiling.”

The surveillance video ABC4 obtained shows two men who Hansen said are not employees of B. Hansen Construction and whom Hansen and Crawford said are thieves.

Half a million dollars of equipment, ranging from trucks to saws to generators, are said to be gone. The biggest things of value said to have been taken were two 2019 Chevy Silverado one-ton trucks with flatbeds on the back and the company logo on the side. Below is a list Hansen provided to ABC4 of what he said was taken.

Crawford said he has driven hundreds of miles searching for the company’s property.

“We’re trying to find them and we are trying to find our equipment and I’ve been going out every night looking,” said Crawford.

He said an acquaintance came by the shop late Wednesday night needing a place to stay because she said her boyfriend was threatening her. Crawford let her in and then went to sleep. After a couple of hours, the woman had some friends meet up with her at B. Hansen Construction. Within the span of an hour or so, $500,000 of equipment was stolen.

Crawford said this is an example of him being too trusting. Another employee called Unified Police Department (UPD) at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday when they realized the trucks were gone.

“They’re working on it,” said Crawford referring to UPD. “They have investigators on it. I’ve got a lot of friends out looking for it too.”

Skyler said it’s imperative they get the equipment back, but said he’s thankful for the surveillance video. He hopes the public can help him find the people responsible for running off with the equipment.

UPD is investigating the alleged stolen property.

If anyone knows who is responsible or if they see any of the B. Hansen Construction trucks out on the roads, contact UPD at (385) 468-9350.