MAGNA, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Sometimes competing in school sports can be tough, but it’s even more difficult when you can’t see what you’re doing. For one student in Magna and his coach, they both share the same struggle.   
8th grader Cameron Evans is learning all the right moves. Cameron wrestles for Brockbank Jr. High School in Magna. He’s an unconventional student with an unconventional teacher. 
“I literally mold his body into mine and like if we’re on our feet, I will literally stand over him and just kind of squeeze him down to the position he needs to be in,” said Coach Lewis Brockbank Jr. High Wrestling Team. 
“It makes it a lot easier when there’s someone that’s blind like me and knows how it feels to wrestle as being blind,” said Cameron Evans, 8th grader. 
Both Cameron and his coach, Clint Lewis, can’t see. At times it can be a challenge on the wrestling mat. 
“Sometimes you get whooped and sometimes you get beat but if you keep on fighting and keep on trying there’s nothing like walking off the mat saying you tried your best,” said Lewis. 
But despite their lack of sight the two have figured out how to help each other teach and learn an aggressive physical sport.  
Cameron now competes just like the rest of the boys on the team, and he doesn’t view his disability as a disadvantage. 
“It makes it fair for me and them,” said Cameron. 
“How is it fair?” Reporter Brian Carlson asked. 
“Because they have to do what I’m doing,” said Cameron. 
His parents couldn’t be more proud. 
“When he pins a kid, he has friends and they hi-five him, his self-esteem goes through the roof. It’s great,” said Christie Evans, mother. 
His coach said he’s an inspiration. 
“Like believing in yourself, like trying even though you got it tough, not giving up, because he won’t give up!” said Lewis. 
Cameron can’t get enough of the relationship with his coach and teammates. 
“It feels like we’re a family,” said Cameron.
And they’ve developed a bond you don’t have to see to believe. If you’d like to watch Cameron in action, the team has a wrestling match Thursday at 3:00 p.m. at Brockbank Junior High School. It’s one of Cameron’s final matches of the season.