UTAH (ABC4) – People across the country have been talking about a incident involving an athlete who was reportedly harassed over the color of her skin. 

The incident happened on Friday night during a BYU volleyball game. Duke athlete Rachel Richardson’s family reported every time she served the ball, a fan called her a racial slur. 

While police did get involved, now banning the spectator, some say it took too long. Others question why no one in the stands stopped that person. 

The Black Menaces is a group of students who got their start on TikTok in response to racial comments made by a BYU professor. This group has now called on the University to implement mandatory anti-racism education for all students, staff, faculty and administration. 

“BYU administration is going to have to take accountability, and really kind of work on admitting that racism exists at BYU and then taking steps to change it. And until they do that, there’s not gonna be a lot of change because they’re the ones that hold on to power,” said Nate Byrd, Public Relations Director for the Black Menaces. 

Byrd said there are many people within the university who want to make change, but certain members of the BYU administration are getting in the way. 

While Byrd said they haven’t heard from the University, he says BYU Athletics has reached out and they are working together to see if they can have something good come from this.