Big Issues in Politics in this Week’s Panel


This week among other things the big topics are the Presidential Race and Hillary Clinton possibly making history as the first female candidate for a major political party in the United States. I sat down with Salt Lake City Councilman Charlie Luke to get the Democratic side and former State Representative Holly Richardson for the Republican point of view.

I first asked them what they thought about Hillary Clinton possibly being the Democratic candidate. Luke said regardless if you support her it is a very big step for American politics as well as a very historic move for women. Richardson said she thinks it’s about time a woman secures a presidential nomination from a major political party. She as a Republican said she won’t vote for Hillary, nor Trump, but she’s happy that the U.S. is in a place where a woman can become a candidate.

Both Richardson and Luke agree there is a double standard for women. Richardson pointed out that women politicians are judged on their outfits and their hair while men typically aren’t. She’s hoping that we can get to a place where people just see two candidates and judge them based on their stance on issues.

We moved on to Bernie Sanders. Luke believes Bernie is in it until the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia where the official votes will be counted. Though Luke said Bernie Sanders should look at the numbers and realize that a victory is mathematically impossible.

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