FORT HALL, Idaho (ABC4) — A Blackhawk BBQ Pit food truck caught on fire on the I-15 in Idaho, yesterday, Apr. 15, according to East Idaho News. And for this company, it is not their first time with unlucky trailer troubles.

Witnesses told East Idaho News that the food truck “burst into flames” while driving on the road near the Shoshone Bannock Casino Hotel. While there was a severe amount of damage to the trailer, no one was injured.

The owner, Nic Transtrum, took to Facebook to tell the story of the food truck ignition and answer questions for fans and “armchair quarterbacks” alike, as this is the restaurant’s third food truck to crash or ignite.

Transtrum said the employee was driving back from Pocatello when he noticed flames and smoke coming from the trailer in his mirrors. He pulled over, unhooked the truck, and looked to extinguish the fire or save the equipment, however, it was too late. The trailer, equipment, and cashbox were up in flames.

The owner said the great news is that “everybody is okay” and the employee “did absolutely nothing wrong.” Prior to leaving the event, the employee had extinguished all the smokers and shut off the propane as part of closing up the trailer.

Authorities arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire. They were unable to “pinpoint what started the fire” and the owner said he thinks it “really was just a fluke.”

Transtrum addressed critics who say they should have learned from the past two trailer problems, however, the owner says every situation was completely different.

The first trailer went up in flames four years ago after it flipped over in the winter, according to Transtrum. Last winter, a vehicle crashed into the trailer causing damage, but no flames. It was in the shop being repaired and finally returned when this incident occurred.

While at least one fan suggested starting a GoFundMe for the business, the owner said he appreciated the effort but has great insurance on the trailers. Instead, he said to come buy their barbecue.

Transtrum named his business after the Blackhawk helicopters he used to fly in the military and said he learned to “adapt and overcome” from his experience.

“Change is gonna happen, you’re always gonna have problems. This is a bummer, I’m not gonna act like this is not a bummer, but it’s not gonna keep us down,” he said.