SOUTHERN UTAH (ABC4) – Governor Spencer J. Cox and his family had an unexpected wildlife encounter in Saint George, Saturday evening.

According to the Governor, on April 24, while visiting his parents, a bat invaded their home causing much alarm and commotion around 10:58 p.m.

“Staying with my parents in St. George and a bat just flew into the house. By the reaction of my mom, wife, and daughter, I assumed it was a mountain lion,” Cox shares.

In the video, Cox’s family members are seen running quickly away as a bat enters the home.

Governor Cox shares that as his mother, wife, and daughter ran off, he and his father then armed themselves with brooms and directed the creature out.

“You learn a lot about a person’s disaster personality when a bat enters the room…fight or flight? We have video evidence,” laughs Cox. “My apologies to the neighbors and the bat who are likely traumatized by the chaos.”