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Behind The Badge: WVCPD Officer Jeremy Dean really delivers when it matters most

Behind the Badge

WEST VALLEY CITY (ABC4 News) – When recently faced with a sudden emergency medical situation Officer Jeremy Dean really delivered.

This was a traffic stop like no other for the four year veteran of the WVCPD.  The car he found stopped on 3100 South on the morning of February 11th had two occupants but minutes later with his help…it had three.

“My baby’s outside here,” a frantic man was recorded telling Officer Dean on his body camera.

The man and his wife were a mile away from Jordan Valley West Hospital and their infant daughter was already arriving.

“Oh boy! So I was not prepared for that,” Officer Dean said. 
More like “oh girl.” Her imminent birth became Officer Dean’s “stork” reality. After calling for paramedics, Officer Dean, a former EMT, turned into a “copstetrician.”

“Baby was comin’ so I quickly got some gloves on,” Officer Dean said. “She said she was goin’ and baby came out and I just tried to keep the baby you know from goin’ anywhere and trying to keep it warm…The baby was crying. Not super loud, just the cute newborn baby kinda thing. It was breathing very well and moving so just took care of it until they got there.”

As fire department personnel carried the healthy infant girl away, Officer Dean, a father of four himself, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’ve been there and I’ve watched doctors and nurses do it,” he said. “Kudos to them because that was, that was scary.”

Later that afternoon, Officer Dean made another delivery: a stuffed police K-9 from the WVCPD for the couple’s fifth child in a gift bag labeled “Welcome New Recruit.”

“Congratulations to Mom and Dad on number five,” he said. “A little girl so pretty cute too.” 
And as for the suggestion that the parents name her Dean in his honor?

“Oh, I hope not,” he said. “She’s way too cute for that.”

The couple actually named the little girl Michelle and we’re happy to report that two weeks later, Mom, baby…and officer…are all doing fine.


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