PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) He first thought of becoming a police officer while in high school. Today – he says living that dream and one more. Here’s this week’s Behind the Badge.

Officer Jordan Wong has been patrolling the streets of Provo for three years. It’s a job he says he knew he wanted to do back in high school. And he says he knew then who he wanted for a partner. I remember my English class – my senior year. Write a paper on your career choice and why?”

“As I did my paper I actually focused on being a K9 officer. Being a police officer, but also being a K9 officer – way back in high school.”

Well, a few weeks ago Officer Wong got that K9 partner – Ronin. Officer Wong says Provo Police selected the two-year-old Dutch Shepherd over eight other dogs after watching him go through a day of drills.

“In terms of his awareness of the situation around him. His environment. He wasn’t phased by different things. He wasn’t phased by us. He was locked in. His bite was strong. He just did awesome.”

The 33-year old officer says he couldn’t be happier.

“I honestly consider myself to be blessed to be so young and get to do what I do.”

While its obvious he loves the work – its a job he almost passed on. You see, instead of going into police work in his twenties – he started a career in sales. But then a friend from California re-ignited his law enforcement dream.

“He’s like – ‘Being a cop is awesome. I work for four days. I get three days a week – I can surf and hang out. It’s a great job to help people.’ So that sparked my interest.”

Wong went through training and worked in corrections for about a year – then became a police officer.

He says he loves the opportunities he has as an officer to help the people of Provo “There’s not a day where I don’t enjoy what I do.”

And he loves being part of Provo’s thin blue line. “The brotherhood and knowing you got this community of people who will absolutely drop everything to come help you out – you don’t find that in many jobs.”

K9 Ronin is about to start his patrol training and sniff training. That training will take about 16 weeks.

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