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Behind The Badge: Summit County Sheriff’s Detective Ben Carreno serves & protects his own hometown

Behind the Badge

COALVILLE (ABC4 News) – Throughout most of Summit County he’s known as Detective Carreno from the Sheriff’s Office but in his hometown of Coalville everybody just calls him “Ben.”

Detective Ben Carreno is a popular guy at Moore’s Chevron Station, a few blocks from where he grew up. 

“I like Ben. He’s nice. He’s friendly,” the clerk on duty said. “He does his job.”
“They just call me out by my first name and that’s the kind of rapport I want to have with the people there,” Det. Carreno told Behind The Badge. “They can be comfortable coming to talk to me.”

The husband and father of two even passes the mother-in-law test.

“I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law,” his wife’s mother Shelly Richins said. “He’s a good dad, a good husband, yep very good guy.” 
Det. Carreno is now performing the type of duties he used to see on TV.

“Growing up I would always watch shows like COPS or The First 48,” he said. “I always thought it was a cool career to get into.”

After graduating from North Summit High School and Salt Lake Community College, he began his career as a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper in Daggett County. Now the soft-spoken officer has patrolled just about every part of Summit County either by motorcycle, horseback or in his SUV.

“I try to keep everything as calm as I can,” he said. “But when I need to flip that switch, typically if its someone’s life that’s in danger or my life in danger. I want to go home to my family as well as someone else that might be in danger I want them to go home to their family.”

He recently had a close call in Silver Creek Canyon, where he was assisting a pickup truck driver who spun out in a snowstorm and had just gotten that man safely into his patrol vehicle.

“From behind me I see a car lose control over a blind corner,” he recalled. “The first thing I did was just grab on to the steering wheel and I’m just waiting for impact, waiting to see how bad it was going to hurt…For whatever reason this car just barely missed me.”

It smashed into the empty truck instead and luckily everybody was Ok so instead of recovering in a hospital, Det. Carreno was able to show ABC4 the sights of Coalville…which took about 30 seconds.

“Grew up here. Wanted to raise my family here,” he said while gazing out onto Main Street. “So far its been treatin’ me good.”

Det. Carreno’s life is about to get a whole lot crazier and it’s got nothing to do with law enforcement. He and his wife are expecting twins in February.


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