SPANISH FORK, Utah (ABC4) – Ryan and Amanda Bowler have found that giving back to the men and women who serve fits them to a T.

The married Spanish Fork couple want to show their support for everybody who wears a uniform by providing them a special t-shirt. They say it’s a “small” gesture that can have an “extra-large” impact.

“It’s a t-shirt but it’s so much more than a t-shirt,” Amanda told Behind The Badge.

“Our main goal is to share that message of support and respect,” Ryan added.

Their apparel company is called SRVS and the Bowlers started it after his little brother was deployed overseas. They call it a way to wear a message of support to military members, veterans, first responders, and a chance to give a shirt to someone who serves.

“We want to empower our customers to be the ones making the difference in people’s lives,” Ryan said. “We say ‘Pick a shirt for you and then we’re going to give you a separate shirt. We keep it a special design, but we send it to the customer for free.'”

“Our kids will see someone in uniform and they’ll say ‘can we give them a giveback shirt?'” Amanda said. “We saw the change in our kids. It made them so much more aware of those serving and we knew that we needed to create that change across our whole country. That we needed people to be more connected to those who are serving and decrease that isolation.”

Utah County Sheriff’s Deputy Greer Haymond is the proud recipient of a SRVS shirt, hat, and a hoodie.

“It’s so cool, here’s people who want to give back,” Deputy Haymond said. “Especially right now in our climate, there’s kind of a negative light on law enforcement. Well, there’s people that are like ‘No you people are appreciated, let’s give back to you.’ That speaks volumes to us.”

The Bowlers say they don’t make any money on this venture, but the photos and messages that pour in from around the world make it worthwhile, like one message from the young daughter of a patrol officer.

“She said that her dad wears it under his ballistics vest every day as a reminder that someone cares and is there for them,” Ryan said. 

“We’ve done tribute shirts for fallen officer in the area,” Amanda said. “And you see what it means for their brothers and sisters to be able to wear them with them on shift.”

From their small warehouse just off Main Street, they ship hundreds of items out every day and they’d like it to be thousands…or tens of thousands.

“We want to touch every veteran, every first responder, and let them know that their service and their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed and they are not forgotten,” Amanda said. “They are appreciated and that’s the sticker on our giveback shirt, that’s the message that it shares. You are not forgotten. We see you and we appreciate you.”

If you’d like to check out the SRVS apparel for yourself or a first responder you know, go to You can use the promo code “ABC4” for a 20% discount on your order.