MT. PLEASANT, Utah (ABC4) – Policing a small town in Utah can be a big job.

It’s believed some of the most famous names in crime have made their mark on one small Utah city, in this edition of Behind the Badge.

Passing through Mt. Pleasant in central Utah, you may find yourself talking to the town’s long-time police chief Jim Wilberg. He’s been on the job for 20 years, and he’s not a guy who spends much time in the office.

“I still work patrol, I cover vacations, sick times, I’m out with my guys all the time,” says Jim Wilberg, Mt. Pleasant Police Chief.

It’s clear they love working for him.

“He enables you to be the cop you want to be,” said one of Wilberg’s officers.

Counting himself and his secretary, Mt. Pleasant P.D. has just six employees, but from time to time his small department handles some pretty big cases.

Back in 1945, the town marshal was shot and killed by a man who claimed to be the Sundance Kid.

“He was taking him out to his car to arrest him got free and shot him and escaped,” recalls Wilberg.

Fast forward to 2011, Mt. Pleasant had its own modern version of the Hollywood crime couple Bonnie and Clyde who went on a murderous crime spree. A man shot and killed an elderly couple in Mt. Pleasant, then he and his girlfriend went on the run, committing another shooting, carjacking, and high-speed chase crisscrossing state lines.

“Made a lot of people nervous I mean; we’re trying to deal with that and we get people calling ‘I think those people are in my house.’ We’re trying to deal with that scene, we have multiple calls we’re still answering,” said Wilberg.

Chief Wilberg admits most days his city is much calmer and it’s that quiet life that keeps him here.