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Behind The Badge: Sgt. Regan Clark serves and protects inside the Utah County Jail

Behind the Badge

SPANISH FORK (ABC4 News) – Most people will never meet Sergeant Regan Clark…and that’s probably a good thing because if you’re face to face with him it means you’re doing time in the Utah County Jail.

Sergeant Clark cheerfully made his daily rounds on a recent Monday, a routine part of a job that can be anything but routine.

“At any given time something could happen. An inmate could go off,” Sgt. Clark told Behind The Badge. “While on shift it’s always paying attention, knowing your surroundings and knowing what’s going on…Things can go south really quickly.”

Sgt. Clark has spent his entire 12-year career at the UCJ, starting at the Spanish Fork facility as a deputy and working his way up to Training Supervisor, along the way accumulating stories and scars.

“I was in a cell dealing with an inmate, getting him restrained with two of my other staff members and the inmate became combative and assaulted one of my staff members,” Sgt. Clark recalls. “I ended up getting kicked in the face…I don’t think the general public realizes what we deal with on a daily basis. From inmates banging their heads to trying to commit suicide to dealing with a suicide. Those are a lot of things I’ve had to deal with throughout my career.”

There’s also the possibility an inmate could be armed with an improvised  weapon.

“We do find stuff like sharpened toothbrushes or a piece of metal that’s been sharpened or a piece of wood that’s from a broken broom,” he said. 

Through it all he remains positive and upbeat, treating the inmates with respect.

“People have done the worst of the worst that they can do. They’ve committed the worst crimes,” Sgt. Clark said. “For me, my job is to treat everyone fairly as they’re here. I need to be fair. It doesn’t matter what their charges are. My job is to make sure that they’re safe, they’re protected and that I can help them out.”

He’s one of the few people who looks forward to serving many more years inside the jail.

“Utah County Jail is an awesome place to work,” he said. “A lot of people here, they’re doing a lot of good for the public. Without people here, managing the inmate population. Who knows where that population would end up?”

Sgt. Clark is now preparing the next generation of corrections officers already training 26 new deputies so far this year.


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