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Behind the Badge – Serving and Protecting in his Hometown

Behind the Badge

HEBER CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) After years working in law enforcement in the Salt Lake Valley, Officer Josh Weishar is now home in Heber. Here’s this week’s Behind the Badge report.

We are in Heber when two cars collide on Highway 40. Officer Josh Weishar arrives and after assessing the situation, focuses on one of the families involved.

“Which one would you like? That one. That one. You hang on to those, OK.”

One of those involved in the crash is a young girl. She’s not really hurt but definitely rattled by the violent accident. And Officer Weishar gets her a stuffed animal to hold on to and to keep. “Right here sweetie – look at this.”

For Officer Weishar – this is serving and protecting – making the family involved feel a little safer after a scary incident. “It’s a lot more service to be a police officer versus a probation officer.”

Officer Weishar hands a girl, who was just in a car accident, a couple of stuffed animal dolls.

The 33-year-old officer should know. He has worked as a corrections officer in the state prison, and he worked for more than five years as a parole and probation officer in Salt Lake County before joining the Heber Police Department.

“Coming over to Heber as a police officer I was really able to work with the community more. I get to get out with the community – out with the people. Talk to people.” And he says working the streets of Heber is his happy place. “Coming up here was really fun to actually be in my community seeing the people I know.”

While he loves the people here, he also loves his co-workers and likes to keep them entertained by sending them videos of him singing while on patrol.

“We get all sorts of things in this job, from someone who has just passed away to a really horrific event to dealing with kids and stuff like that. And so, I always try to be happy and one way to do that we do Marco Polo and I send everybody videos of me singing.”

Officer Weishur says he tries to go the extra mile for the people he serves. A recent example involved a kid, a car and a bicycle.

“We had a child who was hit by a car. His bike got wrapped up in the wheel well.”

The officer and father – wanted to do something to help – so he did.

“I went with my son. And we went and bought a bike – trying to be an example to my family – and we went over to the house and gave the kid the bike and just told him, hey, I’m said sorry you got hurt and we wanted to get this for you.”

Officer Weishur says it’s just part of being an officer in a community that he loves.

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WEB EXTRA – HELPING A CHILD: Watch this video about Officer Weishar helping a little child.


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