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Behind the Badge: Roy Police officer saves woman’s life

Behind the Badge

ROY, Utah (ABC4 News) – There are only so many people who can say “I’m alive today because someone else saved my life.” That’s exactly how one woman feels about a Roy City police officer, in this edition of Behind The Badge.

She calls him her guardian angel.

Smiling, laughing, and with a new outlook on life, Jessica Klein tells ABC4 News she’s alive today because of Roy City Police Officer Keaton Thompson.  

“I’m so grateful. I wouldn’t be here without him,” said Jessica Klein, Roy resident.

Last month Jessica had become suicidal, learning people she thought were her friends were trying to use her identity to commit potential crimes.

“I felt very lost, very out of control that these people were out to ruin my name. I didn’t think I had anywhere to turn so I drove up the canyon to take my own life,” she said.

There up the canyon, she tried to overdose on pills. Her family found her suicide note, called police, and Officer Thompson responded.  

“As soon as I saw the name, I knew who it was,” said Officer Keaton Thompson of the Roy Police Dept.

He’d met Jessica days before when she reported the identity theft. He couldn’t resolve it at the time but listened to her story. That’s why when the family reported her suicide note. Thompson immediately went looking for her.

“I then contacted our dispatch center and started a ping on her phone. I also had my dispatch center list her in my database as missing and endangered,” said Officer Thompson.  

Nearby sheriff’s deputies found her car and rushed her to the hospital where she received treatment and now is in counseling. This day was the first time she and Officer Thompson saw each other since then.
“I’m just forever grateful… I credit it all to him. He took it serious and didn’t brush me aside… He was empathetic and kind and was caring,” she said.

To Officer Thompson, that’s part of the job.

“You don’t want them to feel judged. You want them to feel like you’re there to help them. That’s what this job is, this job is going out to find the best way to help somebody every single day,” he said.

Today, Jessica credits her life to his kindness and wishes more officers were like him.

When ABC4 asked Jessica how’s she’s now handling life today she said she’s learning new coping skills when she feels depressed and has a new safety plan for days that feel overwhelming. Officer Thompson said he’s relieved she’s taking the right steps to deal with her depression.

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