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Behind the Badge: New police chief with new police department

Behind the Badge

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – What is it like being a new police chief at a brand-new police department? One man who knows is the new Chief of Police for the City of Taylorsville. He’s the focus in this edition of Behind The Badge.

Taylorsville Police Chief Brady Cottam is experiencing a lot of firsts right now.

“You can never predict things like this. I could’ve never anticipated any of this,” says Cottam.

Cottam is the first Police Chief for Taylorsville’s new police department, formed only 4 months ago. He’s still getting used to the new title.  

“I want to tell people ‘Hey just call me Brady,’ I’ve always been that type of a person, I’ve never been a title kind of guy,” Cottam shares.

He is the kind of guy to get along with all his 62 new officers, he specifically screened to help the city start its police force with the right mentality.

“I got this question posed to me several times in the beginning, what type of officer are you looking for? I want an officer who will go down range when the bullets are flying when it the worst day to be a cop,” Cottam explains.

For example, last week’s deadly manhunt started with a police shootout.  

“But I also wanted officers who are driving down the road on an evening, maybe it’s cold, see somebody on the side of the road that will help, willing to get down on their knees a little bit and say, ‘How can I help you?'” says Cottam.

That same sensitivity needed the same week handling the grieving family of a Taylorsville teenager hit and killed by a car trick or treating. Cottam feels confident he’s got the right mix. It helps the city give his crew a police wage now setting the pace for others.

“Almost every agency in this valley has got a pay raise and we kind of chuckle because this city started some of that,” Cottam shares.  

He hopes Taylorville will be the first place people think of for flexible officers who police with a better way in mind.

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