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Behind The Badge: Lehi rallies to help Sgt. Levi Lewis as he recovers from leukemia

Behind the Badge

LEHI (ABC4 News) – Sergeant Levi Lewis of the Lehi Police Department has the training and experience to handle just about any situation…except the one that happened this spring that was completely out of the blue…and out of his control.

We introduced you to Sgt. Lewis and his K9 Onyx in a Behind Badge profile three years ago when he spoke about serving and protecting his community.

“To be kind of the bodyguard if you will to the citizens of Lehi. That is where the satisfaction comes from,” he said in August of 2017. “A major portion of it is to be the consequence. To be that guy who is not afraid to go after evil. Not afraid to go after someone in the darkest alley because someone robbed somebody.” 

But it wasn’t a robber in a dark alley that harmed the 39-year-old husband and father of three. It was cancer. He was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. Now after a stay in the hospital and intensive treatment, he’s trying to recover physically and financially.

“To have something like leukemia definitely throws a wrench into your budget,” Corporal Cole Peterson of the Lehi PD said. “And trying to get creative and finding ways to pay for those bills.”

Those bills have been about $5000 a month above what insurance covers. His first responder colleagues knew they had to do something to help.

“I asked him if we could start a GoFundMe,” Lehi firefighter/paramedic Josh Swenson told Behind the Badge. “At first he was, he didn’t want the GoFundMe to be started but after I just reassured him that people just want to help. There’s so many good people out there that have been reaching out just trying to find ways to help.”

Sgt. Lewis reluctantly agreed and now that campaign has received over $5800 toward a goal of $20,000. His friends say it’s just a fraction of what Levi has given the people of Lehi over the past ten years.

“He’s always very giving. He’d give the shirt off of his own back,” Cpl. Peterson said. “He’s always trying to help other people.”

“He’s just one of those people who gives, gives, gives and never receives most of the time because he’s willing to help so many people,” Swenson added.

His friends say that Sgt. Lewis is overwhelmed and speechless at the outpouring of support and that he hopes to be back on the job soon so he and Onyx can resume assisting people as he explained in 2017.

“I would say the vast majority of law enforcement officers are compassionate. That’s this job. Compassion. You have to have compassion,” Sgt. Lewis said then. “Unfortunately we deal with a lot of bad, but there is so much good out there.” 

If you’d like to help out, you can find the Go Fund Me campaign at:

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