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Behind the Badge

Police Officer Corey Jorgensen recalls a near fatal incident and talks about his police career

“I go to the ground and something hits me…for that split second, I thought that’s the little bit of pain I’d feel before that truck kills me.”

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News)- As a speeding truck barreled out of control down State Street – Officer Corey Jorgensen knew both he, and a woman in a car next to him, were right in the path of destruction. In this week’s Behind the Badge – we learn more about that incident and why he decided to protect and serve.

Officer Corey Jorgensen talks to a driver during a traffic stop. August 2019

Officer Corey Jorgensen flips on the lights of his police motorcycle to make a traffic stop. It’s part of his job as a motor cop for the South Salt Lake Police Department. And if you ask him, which I did – he’ll tell you – policing on a motorbike is the best way to work. “You just get that freedom. I don’t feel like I’m at work. I still do my job, but its more fun than just driving a car around.” Jorgensen has been riding bikes a long time – he even raced them in his younger years. Now he says – he basically gets paid to ride. “We obviously assist with the escorts, whether it be for special events or a funeral escort. It’s kind of an honor to be part of things like that.”

ABC4’s Don Hudson and Officer Corey Jorgensen talk about police work. August 2019

One thing bikes don’t do – is protect you from a vehicle. And last month Officer Jorgensen learned that when he became the target of an out of control truck. “I see that it starts to leave the lane of travel – and I see the dust kicking up and I see its probably traveling 70 miles per hour. It went up and over the curb and I realized this truck was not going to correct its path so it’s coming straight toward us.” Officer Jorgensen dove out of the way. “I go to the ground and something hits me – ends up being the light pole that hit my back – my lower back area. And for that split second, I thought that’s the little bit of pain I’d feel before that truck kills me. Really? Yea. I thought it was coming for us, still.” Fortunately, the truck – which was stolen – crashed just past him. The driver of the truck took off running. Officer Jorgensen, took off after him on foot. “So at that point I see the guy running so, I give chase to him.” Police arrested the driver and Officer Jorgensen went to the hospital to get checked out for a minor injury. He sums it up simply by saying “Some days are boring some days are crazy.”

Officer Corey Jorgensen making a traffic stop while ABC4 photojournalist Ed Wilets records the moment. August 2019

That’s also one of the reasons the 32-year-old officer enjoys police work.”Keeps me on my toes and I love it.” Another reason he loves it – he gets to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. “My grandfather was in law enforcement. He did 22 years in Los Angeles and then he retired from there and he moved to Cache County and he was a Sheriff’s Deputy for another 20 years.” Officer Jorgensen – who has been in law enforcement for abut ten years – has a long way to go to equal his grandfather’s career. But he says he’s glad he decided to serve and protect.

Officer Corey Jorgensen and ABC4’s Don Hudson during a recent interview for a Behind the Badge report. August 2019

Officer Jorgensen’s law enforcement career started in Logan. He worked for the Logan Police Department for about five years before moving down to Salt Lake Valley. He says his grandfather still lives up in Cache County.

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