COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC4) – If you’ve ever had a big bill from a serious car crash, you may appreciate what one officer is doing in Cottonwood Heights. He tries to find drivers whose actions create expensive headaches for others and take them off the road, in this edition of Behind the Badge.

Getting pulled over by police may not be a pleasant experience, but when it’s Traffic Officer Brody Bowen of Cottonwood Heights, he tries to make it positive.

“People will generally perform the way you treat them,” said Officer Brody Bowen, Cottonwood Heights Police Dept.

“I’m not going to give you any trouble on that today, I’m just going to give you a warning for that,” Bowen told one driver.

Bowen said he typically stops 15 to 20 drivers a day, and most make honest mistakes, but he’s looking for drivers who make the road dangerous.

“Those that shouldn’t be driving we tend to have slightly different conversations altogether,” said Bowen.

Before Bowen became an officer his background was in insurance claims and found drivers without insurance made life difficult when they crashed into someone else.

“Seeing a lot of these people suffer I began to develop a very strong sense of the injustice for drivers, driving without insurance, not caring if they hurt someone,” he said.

It’s why he now stops drivers and does a thorough check because you never know which drivers are putting others at risk.

“Her driver’s license hasn’t expired, it’s been denied,” Bowen said of one driver.

“The state has sent you a second letter today advising you they still don’t have proof of insurance,” Bowen told another driver.

If he does it right even those with more glaring violations may be pleased with how he treated them.

“Thank you for your service, my sister is a corrections officer,” one driver told Bowen. “Thank you. You have a good day at work,” he replied.

Bowen’s goal is hopefully to help drivers not need him to stop them again.  

Bowen also tells ABC4 News his regular traffic routine some days come in handy. One time doing his normal checklist he discovered someone driving on a suspended license, which led to them to impound the car, where they found a loaded gun, and the driver wasn’t supposed to have one, so they arrested him.