DRAPER, Utah (ABC4) – Training to handle bad guys with bombs is part of the job for the Draper City SWAT team. It’s an explosive education they said helps them stay one step ahead of dangerous criminals.

ABC4 News witnessed it firsthand, in this edition of Behind The Badge.

Working for the Draper City SWAT team, some days start with a bang.

On this day, Draper SWAT is training to use explosives to breach their way into a home during a standoff, then identify potential bombs that may be waiting for them inside.

“We want to make sure when we see it, we’re ready for it,” said Sgt. Michael Todd, Draper SWAT Team Leader.

Sgt. Michael Todd leads the SWAT team and said they train 20 hours a month on scenarios just like these, including rescuing hostages, handling active shooters, and breaching a bomb-riddled home, all to better even the odds when they’re on a dangerous criminal’s home turf.

“You don’t know what to expect, you’re going into somebody’s home that they know the layout, we don’t,” said Todd.

It’s the exact such scenario that later forced the City of South Jordan to demolish a house back in June less than 10 miles away. The house was filled with explosives allegedly by an armed man who triggered a SWAT standoff there. Sgt. Todd said Draper preparing for the same thing, can go a long way to calm unsettled nerves.

“I’d be lying if I said you don’t go into this somewhat nervous,” he said.

Todd said this training becomes key to keeping his team alive.

“I’m responsible for every guy, even though they have their job, I’m still responsible for them. I have that duty to make sure they go home to their families,” Todd said.

If they do it right, when a real bomb goes off, this training will have walked them through exactly what to do.

You can tell this job is definitely dangerous, but Sgt. Todd said he likes the adrenaline. He said it’s almost like how a skydiver feels when they jump out of an airplane.