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Behind The Badge: Davis County Sheriff’s Lt. DeeAnn Servey serves her community and her country

Behind the Badge

FARMINGTON (ABC4 News) – Serving and protecting isn’t just a job for Lt. DeeAnn Servey. It’s her way of life. She serves the people of Davis County as a Corrections Officer and serves her county as a Sergeant in the Air Force Reserve.

Lt. Servey grew up in a military family and after a year of college joined the United States Air Force.
“In basic training I had never shot a gun in my life,” she told Behind the Badge. “I listened to everything the instructor said and when we qualified, I shot expert so at that moment they decided ‘You are destined to work in law enforcement with guns’.”

She served six years of active duty with Air Force Security Forces, protecting Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama and Hill Air Force Base here in her native Utah before joining the Davis County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy, working with the inmates at the County Jail.

“It’s a job where we deal with people. We communicate face to face,” Lt. Servey said. “They’re our neighbors. They’re people who are just living behind a wall but they’re exactly like your neighbors down the street so there’s no need to act any differently and we all need to keep them safe just like I need to keep your neighbor safe.”

At various times, she’s also worked in patrol, administration and as the Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer in between her military duties with the Reserves, in fact she just got back from a lengthy overseas deployment with the 419th Fighter Wing.

“I served in the Middle East for approximately eight months,” she said. “It was supposed to be six months but we got extended due to Covid.”

Even when she’s not on duty, you can usually find DeeAnn with a gun.

“I love to hunt,” Lt. Servey said. “Black bears in Saskatchewan, mule deer here in Utah, elk in Utah as well and Colorado mule deer. I just love to get out in nature. It’s so calming. It’s so healing and it really just invigorates me and brings me the peace that I need.”

She also enjoys spending time with her daughters and her grandkids You heard that right: this bear-shooting soldier and officer is a grandmother who stays youthful by “having a positive outlook on life.”

“Constantly looking for the good in not only our fellow man but also in what you do every day, will help you be young,” she said. “Whatever the next adventure brings, that’s what keeps me alive and that’s what keeps me excited for the future.”

Whether that future includes another role with the Sheriff’s Office, another deployment with the Air Force Reserve or another hunting trip. You can bet that Lt. Servey will be locked and loaded to answer the call. 

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