HOOPER, Utah (ABC4) – Being a dedicated police officer and family man can be a tough balancing act, especially when you have a lot of kids at home. Perhaps no one may be busier than a sheriff’s deputy in Davis County.  It’s not just four kids, or six or eight. This sheriff sergeant has a house full of nine, in this edition of Behind the Badge.

From the looks, you could get almost any view of Sgt. Geoff Hasty with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office, but behind the badge, it’s easy to see he’s a lot more than the Davis drone deputy.

Hasty and his wife are the proud parents of nine children, ranging from two to almost 20 years old, a large family, they said, people often don’t know how to react to.

“Some just stare blankly, some ask why?” says Sgt. Geoff Hasty.

They originally stopped after six kids of their own but kept feeling a strong desire to be foster parents, which led to adopting their three youngest daughters.  

“He came home and said he’d been thinking about this the whole time. I was like ‘Me too!’, so we felt like that was what we should do, got right on and started the process,” explains Sevana Hasty.

As you can imagine having nine kids in the house is a lot to handle, but they say it’s a huge blessing.

“Having the home life that we have helps in my job in my career,” shares Sgt. Geoff Hasty.

When Hasty isn’t home, he’s a decorated deputy – a bailiff sergeant supervising 13 deputies in the Davis County courtrooms, he’s part of the Davis Mobile Command Post using drones that help in search and rescue, and has worked as a D.A.R.E. cop and school resource officer. So as busy as it gets, he tells ABC4 News coming home to a full house actually relieves his stress at work.  

“What it does it keeps me grounded and centered on what’s most important… at home just being able to one on one, spending time with one of the kids that seems to need it is great, it allows you just to have that connection, that just lets some of the other pressures melt away,” explains Geoff Hasty.

How Sgt. Hasty balances work life from home takes a team effort. It’s one he and his wife said they work at every day. A few years ago, he was struggling to help his kids with their math homework because he couldn’t understand it. So, he went back to school and got a degree in math just so he could answer his kids’ homework questions at night.