OGDEN (ABC4 News) – Imagine being a single mother of three working full time with no means of transportation. That was the situation for one Weber county mom, until her coworkers and a local charity came to the rescue.

The woman had to borrow a relatives’ car just to get to her job and get her kids to school and doctors’ appointments but fortunately she works with a group of men and women who are used to helping people in tight spots:  the Weber County Sheriff’s Office, where she’s a records clerk who processes jail inmate files and court documents.

“She’s worked here for a handful of years with us and she does a fantastic job,” WCSO Lieutenant Cortney Ryan told Behind The Badge. “She’s one of those employees that’s just kind of chipper and gets along well with everybody and does a really good job.”

Lt. Ryan explained her transportation troubles to an organization called God’s Garage, run by a Washington Heights Church pastor and Sheriff’s Office Chaplain named Jimi Pitts. He showed Behind The Badge around the West Ogden shop where volunteers fix up donated cars to give to single mothers, widows and military wives.

“It’s a game changer for these moms to receive a car you know,” Pitts said. “Then all of the sudden have ownership and a little more freedom to their life without having to plan or borrow or ask everyone along the way of ‘Can I get a ride somewhere?’ It’s a game changer for them.”

When it came time for the big giveaway, the woman’s coworkers lined up outside the office and she had no idea what was about to happen.

“When she came out the door she was already bawling,” Pitts said. “She didn’t know what was going on but she all of the sudden saw the car behind me with a big bow on it so at that point she had some idea and then she couldn’t stop crying and everyone was just cheering. It was an awesome moment to be part of.”

“Your office here loves you and they told us you had a need and on behalf of God’s Garage and the Sheriff’s Department, we just want to offer and give you a car,” Pitts tells her on a video. “So we hope it’s going to be good for you.”

The refurbished Infiniti provided her with a lift…in more ways than one.

“Just to know that people care and that there’s good people out there,” Lt. Ryan said. “Sometimes working here at the Sheriff’s Office and working in corrections and that, there’s a lot of the negative we see in the community and to have an experience like that really brings back the faith in humanity.”

As for her reaction?

“Oh wow. I don’t really even have words. I don’t have to worry about the car I’m driving anymore,” she said through tears on the video. “Thank you!”

Pastor Jimi tells Behind The Badge that God’s Garage is always looking for vehicles and women to receive them so if you happen to have one or need one, click here.