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Behind the Badge: Cache County Sheriff’s Deputy Blaine Ibey helps

Behind the Badge

LOGAN (ABC4 News) – Deputy Blaine Ibey has patrolled the streets of Logan and worked in the Cache County Jail but now he’s found an unlikely home: serving and protecting in a bus station.

“Hey guys. What bus are we jumpin’ on?” Deputy Ibey asks a group of teenagers at the Cache Valley Transit Center on a recent Friday morning. “Get to school. Get to something. Don’t hang out. Take your friends with you.”

Deputy Ibey was assigned here nearly two years ago.
“Truthfully? I wasn’t too excited about it,” Deputy Ibey admits. “Just because you’re here at the Transit Center. You’re not out there driving around, taking calls, dealing with other people.”

But his attitude has changed as he’s gotten to know the center’s employees, the bus drivers and passengers like Mary DeMille who nominated him for Behind the Badge.

“I just feel safe when he’s here and he helps out everybody,” DeMille told ABC4 News.

The friendly and outgoing California native joined the sheriff’s office 10 years ago after running a go-kart track and teaching school.

“I said ‘Hey I’ve got the personality. I like helping people. This, what better way?'” he said. “Plus I like driving fast too. Lights and sirens are a good thing.” 

Now he displays his skills behind the wheel at the state Police Driving Academy.

“(I) teach new cadets how to do pursuits so it’s fun,” Deputy Ibey said. “I go down there once a month and help teach the new cadets how to drive fast and do whatever maneuvers needed to get to the calls safely.”

Deputy Ibey has been in adrenaline-pumping pursuits but he also gets a charge from helping bus riders find their way, including the homeless, the addicted and the lonely.

“I ask ’em ‘How’s life? Anything changin’? What can we do to make some progress or do you need anything?’,” he said. 

Sometimes those kind words can make all the difference in the world. A passenger named John credits Deputy Ibey for preventing him from harming himself.

“I came up here last year sometime, I was suicidal,” John said. “I knew he was going to be here so I came up and asked him for help and he took me to the hospital and got me help and it may have saved my life.”

“Do what I can for you John,” the Deputy replies with a fist bump for John. “Anytime bud. Anytime.”

John says he’s doing just fine these days and if you’re ever passing through the Cache County Transit Center, say hello to Deputy Ibey. His office door is always open. 


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