Baby Grace is ‘miracle’ baby


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – They call her their “miracle” baby. Grace Deliverance Wilson was born premature.  Her mother has no recollection of the emergency C-section that was performed on her.

It was February and Amy Wilson was driving to the Salt Lake Temple.  She was eight months pregnant and wanted a quick visit.  She and her husband were living in Colorado Springs, Colo. and were about to return.

She never knew what hit her.

Prosecutors say an 18-year-old driver going 95 mph lost control and jumped the median, hitting Wilson’s vehicle.

“Apparently on my way I was hit by a car,” said Wilson.  “I have no memory, even the morning of, I don’t have any memory of the day of.”

She woke up in the hospital and was told she had been hit and gave birth to a baby girl.

Wilson suffered a brain injury, broken bones and had her spleen and a kidney removed.  At first, the prognosis for baby Grace was grim.  She too suffered a brain injury.  But over the months, both have overcome their injuries.

“She was born actually without a heartbeat and thankfully she is doing so well,” her mother said. “She had some brain injury as well but none of the problems they predicted have manifested.

Grace Deliverance recovered and her mother said there is no long term effects on her or her baby.

We honestly feel like it’s a miracle,” said Wilson.  “We know my life and her life in the fact that we’ve been able to recover so well, we really feel like it’s a miracle.”

While the gift of life continues for the Wilson family, others were not so fortunate.  

Prosecutors said 18-year-old Abraham Miranda was the driver that hit the Wilson vehicle.  Miranda was charged Wednesday with two counts of manslaughter and a single count of reckless endangerment.  Two passengers who also attended West High School along with Miranda, died in the car crash.

Wilson isn’t angry over what happened with her.  In fact, she forgives Miranda.

“Our heart goes out to their family,” she said.  “We just thought a lot about him and his family and the individuals that were involved. We just want them to know, we don’t hold any hard feelings towards them at all and we hope that they can experience healing and move on with their lives as well.”

Wilson also is grateful to friends and strangers who offered prayers for her recovery.  She also recently visited the Salt Lake City firefighters who rescued her and her baby.  She said without those prayers and the first responders she and her daughter would not have survived.  And she said it’s only right to pay it forward with forgiveness.

“We feel like (our lives) are a gift from God,” said Wilson.

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