(ABC4) – With a baby formula shortage all over the country, many parents are left panicking. According to HealthyChildren.org here are a few ways parents can still feed their children:

Order Directly

While empty store shelves may cause panic, many manufacturers will still sell their product through their online website and have it shipped directly to you.

Call your pediatrician

If your baby requires a certain formula, your doctor may be able to help. They can call in a special medical request or get samples from the manufacturer.

Try other formulas

While most parents want to stick to the same formula, other brands may provide the same needs. You should always slowly switch your baby over to the new formula in order to prevent stomach and bowel issues.

Start introducing solid foods

Babies can start being introduced to solid foods at around six months of age. Pediatricians recommend basic foods like bananas, cereal and vegetables to get your child used to solids.

Check social media

Many social media groups have been created in order to help moms find or even share baby formula. Having friends and family to help can make searching easier.

It’s important to know that even though there is a formula shortage, parents should never try to make their own formula, water down formula or switch to other milk alternatives such as cow’s milk unless your baby is around a year old.