Baby boy born in Express Lane Checkout at Payson Walmart

PAYSON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – An expectant mother walks in to Walmart for baby supplies but leaves with a whole lot more.  With the help of some fast-acting strangers, Cecilia Rivas gave birth at the checkout stand! 
Rivas was in the express lane, but her fast-track delivery was not exactly the kind employees were expecting. 
“It was intense!” smiled Assistant Store Manger John Dayton.
Rivas says she started feeling some slight contractions early Sunday morning so decided to go buy some basic baby necessities.  
“At the time, I was thinking that the baby may be coming in the afternoon,” Rivas told Good 4 Utah’s Ali Monsen, through a translator.
But as Rivas made her way to register 11, she says she realized money could not buy what she was about to get. 
“She was like ‘pain,’ and then I was like, ‘Are you okay?’ and then she was like ‘baby,’ and I’m like, ‘k…'” Dayton recalled, adding that Rivas was a ticking time bomb who insisted on first paying the cashier. 
“I paid, and when they gave me the change, that’s when I broke water, and I felt the head of the baby coming out,” Rivas said. 
Fortunately, a Spanish-speaking Good Samaritan customer was right behind Rivas and helped her lie down and push, while some fast-acting Walmart employees closed down the checkout lane.
“We all grabbed sheets, we grabbed some towels — we had some sheets up, so she had privacy and all that,” Dayton recalled. 
Witnesses say it was minutes later that Rivas gave birth to a healthy baby boy — a tender and relieving moment, the store manager says, for everyone involved. 
“It was probably like the fastest baby delivered like ever,” Dayton said. 
“It can happen.  Contractions can be really painful to not-so-painful, so some moms just don’t realize they’re in labor,” explained Janette Barney, Director of Labor and Delivery at Mountain View Hospital in Payson. 
Now, the Santaquin mom of three is thanking that shopper who was in the right place at the right time for her and her baby boy she named Matias, calling her an ‘angel.’ 
Baby Matias has one brother and one sister, who Rivas says are both very eager to bring him home.  The bundle of joy weighs 6 pounds, 12 ounces.  Doctors say if he continues to do well, he and Rivas could leave Mountain View Hospital within a week.  Experts are also now treating the baby with antibiotics, just in case he picked up any germs at Walmart. 
In Spanish, the name Matias means ‘gift of God.’ 

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