UTAH (ABC4) – A second Flash Flood Warning has been issued for Washington County. This one is set to expire at 8:45 but there are a lot of lightning strikes in the area and we’ve seen nearly an inch of rain fall already with more to come. Flash Flooding is expected to begin shortly. 

The main affected area of this Warning is Hilldale. We should be seeing some flooding in Short Creek as well as across Water Canyon. Life threatening floods and thunderstorms are expected to continue for the next few hours. Please head in doors immediately and alert those you know in this area that might not have the information. These floods can affect streams and creeks, urban areas, highways, streets, and underpasses. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Areal Flood Advisory in effect: San Juan County, Grand County, SE Utah

JULY 30, 2022 / 6:58 P.M.

UTAH (ABC4) – The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued an Areal Flood Advisory for parts of San Juan County including Canyonlands National Park and the rural areas of North Central San Juan County. This advisory is to remain in effect until 7:15 PM

A second Areal Flood Advisory was issued for Grand County. This will remain in effect until 9:15 MST tonight and include I-70 from mile markers 182 to 200 and many of the rural areas of Central Grand County and Highway 191. Thompson Springs is the most likely place to experience minor flooding. Other locations are Tenmile Canyon, Salt Wash, Nash Wash, Dry Fork, Sagers Wash, Cisco Wash, Tenmile Wash, and Little Grand Wash. 

A Third Areal Flood Advisory was been issued for southeastern Utah. Areas effected include Valley of the Gods, Moki Dugway, and rural areas of South Central San Juan County. This new Advisory will remain in effect until 9:30 PM.

An Areal Flood Advisory is put into place when flooding is expected in low lying and poor drainage areas. It is best to be very cautious in these areas and if you are driving into an area that is flooded, please turn around and do not go into the water. It is important to know where you are relative to streams, rivers, or creeks which can become very dangerous in heavy rains. Campers and hikers should avoid streams or creeks.