Are You Prepared for Halloween?

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – We are one week from Halloween but festivities are expected to kick off this weekend. 
Little goons and goblins will be trick-or-treating all over Utah. 
It is getting darker earlier, making it hard for some of us to see kids that are dressed up as creatures of the night. 
“We want to be aware of kids walking around in dark costumes because sometimes they are hard to see while crossing the streets,” said Lieutenant Brian Lohrke with the Unified Police Department.
In fact, folks at Primary Children’s Hospital said during the Halloween weekend children are twice as likely to get hit by a car during dusk hours.
“It is very hard to see people and most people had not yet turn on their lights and so forth so this is a very critical time to be extremely cautious,” said Janet Brooks the Community Outreach Manager for Primary Children’s Hospital. 
Officials want to make sure while crossing the street, you look left, right and left again to make sure that it is safe.
“We just have to be cautious no matter where we are, no matter when it is–but particularly when we have young children in this hour between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.,” said Brooks. 
But don’t allow your children to be alone while trick or treating. 
“It is always good to us the buddy system. Pair up kids but there should always be an adult whenever kids are out trick or treating,” said Lt. Lohrke. 
Parents make sure to check all candy. If it is home made and you don’t know the people that gave the sweets to you child, here is one piece of good advice. 
“Just discard things that look like they have been tampered with that are not wrapped appropriately,” said Brooks. “That means looking at it, observing it, checking for anything that maybe unwrapped that might have holes in it that appears to be tampered with.”
Lastly, don’t let your kids go into stranger’s homes. 
“We don’t want any kids going into any houses. Make sure you are very aware of the houses they are going up too. Make sure the houses are well lit and they are celebrating Halloween,” the lieutenant added.
If you don’t see a home with the door light on, just go to the next house because those parents may be out trick-or-treating with their goons and goblins too.  

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