Are You An HOV Rule Violator?


Are you an HOV rule violator?

Newly published research from BYU civil engineers shows that up to 25 percent of Utah drivers in the HOV lane during rush hour are rule violators.

As expected, the sections with the most violators are the sections that are the most congested.

Morning rush-hour

The research showed that Northbound I-15 between 14600 South and 7200 East 33 percent of the HOV users were breaking some rules. Northbound from Lehi Main Street to 14600 South saw 25 percent of people violating.

Afternoon rush-hour

The same sections from 14600 South and 7200 East saw congestion during the afternoon rush but in the southbound lanes. 21 percent of HOV lane drivers were rule violators. They say the same percent of violators from 2300 North to 7200 South.

The research was done to find a way to improve HOV lane speeds and keep speeds above 55 mph in the carpool lane.

After collecting data researchers are offering three ways to reduce volume in Utah’s HOV lanes and improve the average speed.

  1. Reduce violation rates through increased enforcement and education campaigns regarding policies related to the proper use of the express lanes
  2. Increase tolls during peak periods, including an increase in the maximum allowable toll
  3. Increase the HOV limits in the express lanes from 2+ to 3+ per vehicle in peak periods

The Utah Department of Transportation is working to increase enforcement and educate drivers.

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To see the full BYU study click here.

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