Are Utah businesses still requiring masks upon entry?


SPRINGDALE, Utah (ABC4) – Visiting Southern Utah? You should still keep a mask on you. Some businesses — and local leaders — are requiring them.

Look at the town of Springdale, home of Zion National Park, for instance.

“It’s a little hot to be running outside, it’s just a little hard to be wearing masks,” says Amanda Frederick, a server and supervisor at Meme’s Cafe in Springdale.

Her feelings come after the town of Springdale announced that masks will still be recommended following CDC guidelines, even though the state mask mandate has been lifted.

“I can’t breathe, I’m working in 120 degrees heat, running back and forth, and we just are suffering,” says Frederick.

“We’ve asked all businesses to make their determination of what they would like to do, and we would support them if they require masks. If they don’t, we’ll support that also,” says Springdale Mayor Stan Smith.

Onyx Nicander, from Colorado City, works in Springdale. He says he respects businesses decisions on masks, especially in an area where thousands of people are visiting from out-of-state.

“I think the masks are important and we do need to slow it down, but in Utah, a lot of people are conservative and don’t really care about it,” says Nicander.

Smith says he just wants visitors and locals to feel safe.

“If somebody requires it, just accept that as that’s how that’s the way they like you to enter their business and if you don’t like that, probably don’t go that business,” says Smith.

Frederick says she just wants to go back to life, before COVID-19.

“I understand everyone’s aspects, and I don’t want to make anyone mad, but I don’t like the masks, I don’t support it and I’m not okay with them,” says Frederick.

“We are grateful to see Covid-19 cases declining locally. We are also grateful that Utah has moved quickly to distribute Covid-19 vaccines to adults. Our business however, has patrons from all of our surrounding states. Our employees are wearing masks to protect themselves as well as our guests from exposure to Covid and other illness. We want our guests to feel safe in our business whether they are from California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado or otherwise. Springdale is a unique situation because of tourism and as a business owner, we have some responsibility to acknowledge who our guests are and what they are expecting from us. Guests are not required to enter our establishment with a mask but of course they should do what makes them feel comfortable. We will serve everyone that enters our doors with appreciation,” says Mechelle Kelin (MeMe) of Meme’s Cafe in Springdale.

Smith says masks are still required to enter government buildings and where social distancing isn’t possible, but no citations will be issued.

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