SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Lodging and homestay rental company Airbnb believes it has been successful at banning house parties in Salt Lake City throughout 2021.

The company announced a strict house party ban in the summer of 2020, citing a desire to prioritize public health while also preventing “community disruption and parties.”

Airbnb debuted an “Under-25 anti-party system” to enforce the ban. The protocol restricted local “entire home bookings’ to renters under 25 years of age without a positive history.

The company says the anti-party system successfully blocked around 1,900 people from renting out entire homes for parties in Salt Lake City.

The ban was in full force during holidays including July 4th, Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Airbnb says on Halloween and July 4th, 550 people were turned away and over 700 people were turned away on New Year’s Eve.

“We also know that not every one of these people impacted by these various technologies intended to throw a party,” says Airbnb. “Initiatives like these also may impact prospective guests who have no intention of throwing a party but who simply haven’t yet earned that history of positive reviews on our platform. In the meantime, this is a tradeoff we’re willing to make in the interests of trust and safety.”

The company says it plans to continue thwarting “disruptive behavior” in the coming future and will share those plans as they are finalized.