SYRACUSE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) The Good4Utah Road Tour makes its next stop at one of our most well-known state features. It also happens to be a scenic state park! 
Antelope Island is not just a state park, it’s an icon for the Beehive state with 28,000 acres of exploration. An island surrounded by salt water in a vast desert landscape. Antelope Island is picturesque in a way that’s difficult to imagine. 
“It’s incredible, so the mountains in the background no matter where you look, the snow capped mountains, and the valleys and the cities. It’s just pretty incredible to be surrounded by all of this,” said Allyson Kane, tourist from Boston. 
The island is a draw for migratory birds and visitors get the change to spot the free roaming bison, big horn sheep and the mule deer. 
“We’ve got 40 miles of trail that you can horseback ride, you can mountain bike, three campgrounds so you can camp. We kind of have something for everyone, and then the scenery,” said Park Manager Jeremy Shaw. 
R&G Horse and Wagon has been helping visitors giddy up on adventure for more than 20 years. 
“We looked at each other and we felt something very special here. And we said, we’re going to stay here, we’ll do it,” said Ginger Brown R&G Horse and Wagon Owner. 
Ginger says she and her husband Ron felt a peacefulness on the island something they wanted to share with those passing through. Ron lost his battle with cancer last year, but that didn’t stop Ginger and her family, all wranglers and guides, from pushing on. 
“I struggled with that for a while and I thought of the family, and I am continuing this business because I want this legacy to live on,” said Brown. 
She’s a western gal with a strong heart dedicated to making sure you lasso a slice of serenity on your trip around the island. 
“We have horses for all skill levels, beginner, intermediate. Our wranglers will match up the horse to  the person’s  skill levels and we will match up where we ride, the different terrain that we ride,’ said Brown. 
If you would like to book a horseback tour of the island, contact R & G Horse and Wagon. The phone number is (801) 726-9514.  For more information on R & G Horse and Wagon, visit