SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) –  It was an offer to make easy money.
That’s what a then 16-year old claimed happened after meeting Paul Wilkes on a social website.

“After he came out of the shower that’s when everything happened and he ended up only giving me $140 dollars,” she said. “Because I made him rush.”

After that alleged sexual encounter, she claimed Paul Wilkes wanted her to become his prostitute.
Wilkes is now facing felony charges including aggravated exploitation of a child prostitute and three counts of  unlawful sex with a minor.

The young woman is now twenty years old.

“He said that he had prostitutes and I could be one of his prostitutes and I said no, no, no,” she said. “He said how about just being my personal prostitute.”

He said he attempted to solicit several clients and she admitted to contacting one of those men.

“I got one guys number and we texted and I sent him a video,” she said.

But she claimed she couldn’t go through with it.   At the time she was attending Olympus High school and after breaking it off with Wilkes she claimed he was with other girls at the school.

“After I discontinued talking to him I saw him dropping off girls in the front circle of my school multiple times,” she said.

In 2013 Wilkes faced similar charges involving a 14-year old. But got a plea bargain and received probation.

She and her mother are now worried Wilkes will again avoid jail and the sex offender registry if there’s a plea bargain.

The District Attorney Sim Gill said ethics prevents him from talking specifics about the case but said this isn’t being taken lightly.

“Any time you have a first degree felony allegation those are taken very seriously,” he said. “These are very serious matters.”
Both mother and daughter are urging other teens who may have been victimized to call police.

“No child wants to get up and testify and say they took money for sex,” she said. “Nobody wants to do that. It enrages me what he did to my daughter.”

Gill said if there are others who were victimized to contact the Unified Police Department.  And they shouldn’t worry about the crime they committed.

“In past cases, we treat them as victims, not criminals,” said Gill.

To contact a detective with Unified Police Department call (801) 743-7000