Alleged rapist has bad history with women


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – David Swigart may have problems with women.

He was convicted in 2011 of an attempted sexual attack of a woman in Sandy and is serving time in prison.

In 2008, he assaulted a pregnant woman and sent to jail for a year. According to a parole hearing, the Board of Pardons claimed he served several years in a Nebraska prison for assaulting a woman. Now, he’s being charged with a 2010 cold case rape involving a teenage female.

During his parole hearing for the 2011 case, the crime presented similarities to the cold case rape.

In the 2011 conviction, Swigart followed a woman after she got off the TRAX train in Sandy. He followed her and sexually attacked her near a vacant field.

At his parole hearing for that case, Swigart told the hearing officer, it was his fault.

“I take full responsibility for my crimes and I’m willing to make the changes,” Swigart said at the hearing.

In the cold case rape crime he’s now accused of, the incident is similar to what happened near the Trax station.

In the cold case rape crime Swigart is s accused of grabbing the teen who was walking on the sidewalk.  He allegedly forced her into a vacant parking lot.  Police claimed he threatened to kill her before she was raped.

The attack is similar to the one Swigart is now serving time for.
Here’s testimony from his parole hearing.

Hearing Officer: “You grabbed her by the hair, you threw her to the ground causing her to hit her head.  You undid her pants.”

The hearing officer then described details of the sexual attack.  Swigart listened without making any comment.

Hearing Officer: “The victim was screaming in Spanish asking for help. You told to shut up in Spanish, told her you were going to punch her in the face.”

After the hearing officer outlines the crime, Swigart responded.

David Swigart: “I did touch her inappropriately.  I did put my hands on her neck and threaten her. She was scared.”

The attack ended after police claimed a motorist stopped nearby and Swigart took off.  He disputed that.

David Swigart: “As soon as she started crying and she mentioned her kid it kind of snapped me. It snapped me back.”

The Board of Pardons rejected Swigart’s early release and was ordered to remain in prison until 2019.  But all that could change with the new rape charge he is now facing.  If he’s convicted for that crime, Swigart could spend the rest of his life in prison.

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