SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)  – Salt Lake City was put on high alert Sunday evening after hundreds of zombies were seen walking around downtown.

Dr. Nyx Thanatos with the Umbrella Corporation said the organization took full responsibility for the zombie apocalypse saying they were working on the T-virus when it leaked and infected over 1,000 people.

Dr. Thanatos arrived at Washington Square this evening where it appeared the zombies were congregating with the antidote but said she didn’t have enough for everyone.  She did list off what symptoms to look out for if you feel you have become infected.

“Make sure they don’t scratch you or anything, uh within the first 24 hours if you start sweating profusely and  you have unhealthy amount of thirst you’re probably infected,” said. Thanatos.

Before she could talk more about how the virus was unleashed in Salt Lake City her troops cut the interview short, afraid she would reveal classified information.

They did take a few our our questions and offered some advice on how to take down a zombie.

“Well, there’s quite a few different ways your traditional zombie you either shoot them in the head or remove it,” said Zombie Hunter John Bone.

They said they have seen several different kinds of zombies around downtown including a bride and groom zombie, children zombies, clown zombies, baby zombies, and even a Storm Trooper zombie.  

Zombie Hunter said while removing the head of a zombie is the sure way to kill one the more powerful zombies have special powers and are harder to kill.

The best advice they can give to anyone who encounters a zombie is to run and try not to get bitten.

Are you scared yet Utah?  If you are, don’t be.  That wasn’t a real zombie hunter and Dr. Thanatos isn’t a real doctor.  They were participants in this year’s 9th annual Zombie Walk put on by Salt Lake Comic Con.

“It’s all fun, it’s kind of like a Walking Dead Experience that’s live and just having a good time,” said Salt Lake Comic Con Co-Founder Dan Farr.

Zombies, survivors, and zombie hunters walked about a mile throughout downtown Salt Lake City, with zombie hunters stationed throughout the route to “shoot” down the undead.  Some zombie hunters became  cowards and ran away.  

The walk began at Washington Square Park and, went up State St. and then left towards the Salt Palace before walking back down Main St. and ending back at the park. 

With Comic Con just a few weeks away the event was meant to bring zombie fans together for a fun evening.  Zombies proven to be staple at Comic Con and this was a way to get zombie fans out for a great time but the event also inspired charity.

“We’re helping bring in food for the Utah Food Bank so our slogan has been “Food Not Brains” and encourage people to bring a sack of food if they bring in a sack of food then we’ll give them a Comic Con pass,” added Farr.

Organizers don’t have an exact count of how much food was donated for the event but say in previous years they have brought over truck loads to the food bank.  

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