Adoptee discovers family connections at Family Roots Conference


ST. GEORGE, Utah (News4Utah) – A conference in Southern Utah helped one St. George women find out more than she bargained for.

Rusty Salmon was adopted as an infant but as an adult, she had questions and decided to attend last year’s Family Roots Conference.

“I just sort of really wanted to know if there were brothers or sisters, and people out there who were biologically related to me,” said Salmon.

She decided to have her DNA tested and with new information, she started reaching out to relatives, collecting new names, and gave a supposed cousin a call. 

“I asked him if he’d be willing to have a DNA done, which he was, and he’s a sibling,” said Salmon.

“And then there is also a sister now, and in fact, I went and had breakfast with both of them this morning.”

On Friday Rusty is heading to the Family Roots Conference again to continue her love of family history.

“And I think conferences like this are a great way to connect with ideas, also I think they’ve got some pretty great vendors,” said Salmon.

“There are over 70 booths, and most of them teach out how to do your family history,” said Amy English, Family Roots Conference Director.

There are also over 70 classes, entertainment, and speakers.

“It’s actually having a real root somewhere. A real tie into people and my brother shared books with me that their family has done on their genealogy, going back to the 1600s,” said Salmon.

“She is just so overwhelmed that she found her family, and how touching that is to be a part of it, said English.

The Family Roots Conference is going on Friday and Saturday at the Dixie Convention Center in St. George. For more information visit

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