Activist who shouted ‘stop protecting sexual predators’ during Latter-day Saint General Conference found guilty of disrupting meeting


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – The activist who shouted “stop protecting sexual predators” during a session of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints General Conference went on trial Monday.

Crystal Legionaires, who prefers the pronouns they/them, was found guilty of disrupting a meeting. The misdemeanor charge against them was reduced to an infraction before the trial began, and Legionaires was fined $360 and banned from Temple Square for at least one year.

“Obviously, the result today was disappointing, but it doesn’t stop the message. I’m going to continue to fight and support survivors and I’ll consider appealing this in the future. Survivors and advocates need to able to advocate for survivors and our voices can not afford to be silenced,” said Legionnaires at a news conference following the conclusion of their trial.

Legionaires, who admitted to the outburst during the March 2018 General Conference, called the prosecution of their case “unreasonable.”

“Outbursts are fairly common in General Conference. In General Conference, I’ve been in many priesthood sessions where men just start yelling many things that happen—and its laughed at, then it’s brought on later. And that’s something that makes this a little unreasonable to me. There are outbursts that happen all the time even yelling. Mine is being prosecuted because it’s being viewed negatively and none of the other ones that I’ve heard countless times never had any sort of prosecution to them,” said Legionaires.

Legionaires said the motivation behind their outburst was that a close family member sexually abused someone they hold dear, and they claim it was “well known.”

“The bishop knew it. The stake president knew it. The high council knew it. Everyone knew it. They got excommunicated. No police were told. There was never anything that happened beyond that. The first presidency were aware of this and let them back in two years later, “Legionaires told reporters Monday. “I still have to worry about some of the people that I hold dear because that person is still out there. This was my thought, my hope, my prayer that maybe I could do something. ”

When Legionnaires was asked if they think the church has gotten the message, they replied, “I don’t know.”

“There’s still so many victims that are suffering. So many victims that are told what happened to them didn’t happen to them. And that they should just get on with their lives and they’re dealing with this awfulness every single day. And there is no one for them. There is no one listening to them. That’s what is important, and they don’t seem to care.”


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