Some parents say homeschooling is worth added cost

Academics Amid the Pandemic

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – More and more parents are deciding to keep their kids home this year during COVID-19 school changes; some say the costs are high but worth it. 

Three moms chatted with ABC4’s Education Correspondent Sarah Martin about their choice to make schoolwork from home. One is using an online virtual private academy, and two are choosing to create their own curriculum and teach their children themselves. 

One mom decided to go online to avoid the confusion of a transitioning system and teachers being forced to learn new technology skills.

“We don’t want to have to deal with them working the kinks out of the system,” Beka McAffee said. 

Another is worried about health complications. Two of Brittany White’s children have severe asthma. She is in the process of getting her teaching license so felt a little more confident about taking on the teacher role for her four school-aged kids.

“You know, it’s scary to do this on my own even though I want to be a teacher. I don’t want them to fall behind,” White said.

The third was most concerned about consistency in the classroom, worried that her kindergartner will have a constantly rotating teaching staff with under-qualified substitute teachers given the constraints of the virus.

“I’m more worried about the number of adults coming in and out of my daughter’s classroom than I am if she’s going to wear a mask or not,” Kelly Memory explained. 

The moms said going this route would be more costly, including more supplies and possibly more electronics for their kids this year, but all said the ability to customize their children’s education was worth the added cost. 

If you are working on building a curriculum for your kids, there are a myriad of free and paid options available; here are just a few: 

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