Parents and teachers offer mixed reactions to Davis School District hybrid reopening plan

Academics Amid the Pandemic

FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4 News) – Parents on both sides of Davis School District’s decision to reopen took to Tuesday evening’s board meeting.

Packed along State Street from 100 East to Main Street was a group of parents and students who say, they want a five-day school week.

“I would ask that when decisions like that are made on this level that we have representation and a voice from all. Ultimately we are here to say we want a voice,” said parent and protest organizer Kelli Pitcher.

She says the district’s decision for the hybrid reopen wasn’t transparent.

“What I’m concerned about is the decision doesn’t reflect a board of doctors, a board of mental health specialists, it doesn’t have any students which is our primary concern here,” she says. “The group here today is about the ability that we want to ask questions and we want them answered.”

District officials say they continuously listen to the community and are taking recommendations on COVID-19 from the health department. The biggest one, allowing students to have enough physical distance between each other.

The school district tells ABC4 News they have large class sizes which prevent them from complying with the six-feet clearing distance around students.

“So without being able to do that physical distancing, we can’t mitigate that part of the problem. When going with the hybrid option, that is half the students in the school, and in a classroom at any given time, about half the students, and that allows us to at least offer some of the physical distancing,” said Shauna Lund the Davis School District Community Relations Supervisor.

Lund adds that the district is working with the health department on the best practices for students.

“I feel they have been very transparent,” said Amy Cassil a teacher with Davis School District. “I am very proud to be a school teacher in the Davis School District. I feel like they are putting the health and safety of teachers and students first, and I’m proud they care about us.”

Regardless of the side of the aisle, you’re on, everyone involved says the conversation surrounding COVID-19 and schools will continue for the entire school year.

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