SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Utah joined other states across the country to protest the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis police custody this week. 

ABC4 worked tirelessly to bring the state accurate coverage of protests in Salt Lake City that started out peacefully, but eventually became violent and destructive. 

While working to bring you latest on the developing situation, some media reporters and photojournalists in the field were attacked and threatened with violence. 

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ABC4’s Jason Nguyen was one of those reporters who was injured in the field while covering the downtown SLC protests. In the middle of a live report, a firework device was hurled towards him and his video journalist John Perry. He believes the device was thrown by one of the demonstrators.

Jason did his best to avoid the fireworks, but received minor injuries due to the explosion from the firework. Paramedics on scene were able to dress his wound.

Despite his injury, Jason continued with live coverage of the protest in an effort to bring Utah the latest information on the volatile protests.

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The station’s reporter/anchor Rosie Nguyen, Jason’s significant other, watched the incident unfold while she was live on air, working on ABC4’s continuous coverage.

Later that night, Rosie shared the following tweet about the incident:

We know that items were thrown in the direction of Nicole Neuman, another one of ABC4 News’ reporters working all day downtown amid violence and chaos.

Along with Jason, there were other journalists from the media injured in Saturday’s protest and a few news vehicles were damaged.

Jason says he is okay but like many of the other journalist in the field, he is still processing all that happened Saturday night and will issue additional comments later.