A new poll asks: do Americans want gifts or experiences?

  • On Good Things Utah this morning – As Christmas Day continues to grow closer and closer, many people are on the hunt for the most prized gifts for their loved ones. A tangible present might not be the only thing on their wish list, though. GetYourGuide.com, a travel booking platform, just conducted a new study that explained how Americans want to spend the rest of 2021—and even the beginning of 2022—by traveling and having experiences to compensate for the time spent in solitude in 2020. In fact, 62 percent of the survey respondents preferred experiences, like travel, outdoor adventures, and wine tastings, instead of physical gifts. “Spending time together is the most valuable gift you can give someone, and as it turns out, exactly what many Americans are hoping to receive this holiday season,” said Jean-Gabriel Duveau, GetYourGuide VP of Brand and Strategic Partnerships.
  • Plus, ‘Saturday Night Live’ had some hilarious moments last weekend as host and musical guest Billie Eilish joined the cast to poke fun at the holiday season. In one standout sketch, the cast banded together to portray the reality of the holiday cards we all receive each year. In the hilarious sketch, Alex Moffat arrives home, where his wife, played by Melissa Villaseñor, shows him all the cards she’s displayed on the fridge. “I put all our Christmas cards on the fridge,” she says. “Looks festive, right?” As the husband remarks that they got a lot of cards and know a lot of people, the first card comes alive. “People like me, your super white, super Christian neighbor here on the beach with my wife and army of blond children,” says the man on the card, played by Mikey Day, in a picture where both adults and more than half a dozen children are dressed in matching white shirts and jeans.
  • And speaking of Saturday Night Live, even though Pete Davidson seems like a legit dude AND he’s a talented comedian who’s found tons of success on SNL and beyond, there are still some folks who just don’t know why women are so into the guy? In fact on Reddit, a user u/Benchwarmer164 recently posed the question, “People who are attracted to Pete Davidson, why?” And there were so many great answers, ranging from funny to surprisingly sweet. Here are some of the top-voted responses: 1.”He seems very genuine, and he’s confident in his vulnerability. I get the feeling he is very focused and attentive with his partners.” To see the rest of the heartfelt and funny responses tune in with us, or click here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/morgansloss1/pete-davidson-attraction-reasons-reddit
  • At the end of the show – Have you ever been accused of overthinking, worrying too much, or spending too much time in your own head? Us, too. Some people see opportunity, danger, or simply a choice to make and act without much thought at all. Here’s the thing about overthinkers: We’re like this for a reason. Maybe it’s genetic, and finding just the right prescription can help us calm the voices in our heads. Sometimes it’s trauma-induced. Years of therapy and positive self-talk might only scratch the surface in taming the wild thoughts in your head. That’s OK. The following words of wisdom aren’t about stifling your inner voice. Instead, they serve to help remind us of when it’s time to turn the volume down on our overthinking and just make our next move. They’re from people of all generations and backgrounds, and they’re steeped in discernment. Tune in with us this morning for the inspiring quotes or click here for more: https://www.scarymommy.com/overthinking-quotes/

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