WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 Uath) –  A man who protested the Confederate flag as part of a West Jordan demolition derby, is now getting threatening emails over the Mexican flag.

Daniel Argueta tells Good4Utah “When I first saw the email, I was shocked, I was upset but after about a minute I was like yah, this is what America is becoming. This is that divisiveness that is happening right now.”

Back in September Daniel Argueta protested when a Confederate flag was part of the city sponsored West Jordan demolition derby.  The city apologized and said it wouldn’t happen again.

Last Friday, Argueta went to a rally in Taylorsville where some of the kids were carrying Mexican flags. Someone saw that and sent him a threatening email telling him if he didn’t like the things we do here to pack up your family and leave. Nobody asked you to live or work here.

Argueta says “He proceeded to tell me if I ever show up for a demolition derby and they’re flying the confederate flag and I have a problem with it that he’s gonna fix my head. He’s gonna make sure my head is fixed.” 

Argueta says there’s a big difference in the 2 flags. The Confederate flag, he says, is a symbol of repression, slavery and hate. But. he says “The Mexican flag has never been used as a symbol of repression or aggression to   any people. It is the flag of a specific country.  When students bring that flag it doesn’t represent that they hate America or don’t want to be part of America or aren’t American, it means, hey this is my blood this is my heritage, these are my parents and we’re here to support   them as well.”

Argueta says he’s an American and will continue to protest things like the Confederate flag and also join in political rallies. And if he came face to face with the hate emailer?

Argueta says “What I would say to him and anybody is listen to us. Listen to us. The message we’re trying to get to you is very valid. This is how we feel. If you keep ignoring us, if you keep ignoring our children and putting up our children down and what they’re going through, remember, we’re your future. The seed that you sow today is what you will reap tomorrow.”

Argueta has filed a report with local police just to protect himself.  We reached out to the person who sent the email and haven’t received a response.