‘A colonoscopy saved my life and I’m only 33-years-old


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) — Colon cancer is the nation’s second leading cause of cancer deaths.
Doctors are seeing an alarming trend of more millennials being diagnosed with colon cancer.

Roger Hansen, 33, is part of the statistic and sharp rise in cases where adults in their 20s and 30s are diagnosed with colon cancer.

He had stage 3 colon cancer before he got a colonoscopy.

Roger Hansen, “something was wrong. Maybe I have a cold, not a big deal, I’m only 30.”

Hansen from Hooper, didn’t take his lack of energy seriously, 4 years ago, until his wife and doctor urged him to get a colonoscopy.

Hansen, “he basically said you’re bleeding, you’re losing blood and we need to find out wear and it most likely is your colon.”

Nothing prepared him for what doctors were about to tell him.
Hansen, “this right here is a large tumor. Roger, you have colon cancer. I looked over to my wife.”

The tumor was the size of a grapefruit. It had blocked and broken through his colon.

Dr. J.P. Hughes, American Cancer Society, “there are no specific symptoms, where you say I’ve got that symptom and I have colon cancer. If there is a little bloody mucous in their stool they outta check it out, for sure.”

Colon cancer is preventable through Colonoscopies
There’s a nationwide push to get 80 percent of people 50 and older to get screened by 2018.
It’s important to know your family history. Roger’s aunt died of colon cancer.
4 years later, and 6 months of chemo, Roger has his life back.

Scientists don’t know why the alarming rise in the number of colon cancer in the young. Doctors say one possibility for the uptick could be that younger folks, just like Roger have the tendency to delay going to see a doctor.

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