IVINS, Utah (ABC4) — Newly released search warrants unveiled new details on the day of the arrest of two Utah YouTubers accused of child abuse in southern Utah.

According to the search warrants obtained by ABC4, Jodi Hildebrandt, the business partner of former “8 Passengers” mother Ruby Franke, allegedly used cayenne pepper and honey to dress the wounds of the children injured in her basement.

Two search warrants were signed on the day of the arrest. One sought to enter Hildebrandt’s Ivins home in search of rope, duct tape and “anything consistent” with child abuse and the second for “any and all” electronic devices.

A third search warrant was signed the next day for an iPhone found on Hildebrandt.

In the first search warrant, officers noted they had found a 12-year-old victim with duct tape around their ankles and had appeared to be emaciated because the victim was “abnormally thin and weak.” When medical personnel removed the duct tape, they reportedly located the open wounds.

“The victim informed officers and medical personnel that the wounds were from the rope that was used to tie the victim to the ground,” a Santa Clara-Ivins police officer wrote in the search warrant. “The victim informed officers that ‘Jodi’ put the ropes on their ankles and wrists and that ‘they’ used cayenne pepper and honey to dress the wounds.”

Officers reported that the victim said two of his siblings were inside the home when he had left. During a sweep of Hildebrandt’s home, police reported finding only one other minor who was “reluctant to speak.” Officers also reported finding a “possible safe room” that was locked and were unsure if anyone was inside.

The second search warrant, executed just a few hours later, made no further mention of the safe room. It did mention that Franke had left her three children in Hildebrandt’s care and officers found Hildebrandt had posted several posts on social media and YouTube discussing mental health and family therapy.

In the third search warrant, police reported locating “two used medical gauze dressings near a cayenne pepper and honey paste” in Hildebrandt’s bathroom. Police also noted Hildebrandt had told officers that the children “should never be allowed around any other kids.”

The first two search warrants recovered several items from Hildebrandt’s home, as well as from Jodi Hildebrandt’s and Ruby Franke’s possession.

These items included tape, bandages, a bowl of “red liquid,” brown and white rope, two handcuffs, three carabiners, three iPhones, and five MacBooks. Police also reportedly found a journal and a black book, which were seized in the search.

Police had requested and executed a third search warrant for an additional iPhone in Hildebrandt’s possession the day after the initial arrest. No Return to Search Warrant was filed as part of the warrant, leaving it unclear if the iPhone was seized by police.