7 arrested for child sex crimes in southern Utah


PARAGONAH (News4Utah)-Six men were arrested Sunday after making arrangements to have sex with what they thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Investigators in Iron County say it was all apart of an operation tracking child predators.

As part of the operation officials say they were able to identify the men using confidential informants and placing ads on website known for child trafficking activities. The suspects called the number on the ad and then made several exchanges with the informant.

“The operation netted six male individuals that traveled to Paragonah, Utah where they met with the confidential informant and agreed to have sex with one or more 13-year-old female children,” a press release said.  “Money was exchanged, conversations with each suspect were had, to include ground rules and confirmation of the sexual acts to be performed.”

The men have  been identified as Jason Livermore, 30 of St. George; Phillip Gerstner, 30 of Jerome, Idaho; Carlos Valenzuela Nunez, 30 of Enterprise; Floyd Jennings, 71 of St. George; James Garrelts, 53 of Cedar City; and Trevor Bodily, 31 of Clearfield.

A seventh man was arrested Monday. Police say Eugene H Alvarado drove from California with the intent to lure two girls into sex trafficking. 

All of the men are facing at least one count of conspiracy to commit child rape. Livermore is also facing charges of conspiracy of forcible sodomy and enticing a minor. Bodily, is the only one of the group not facing conspiracy charges. Instead he is facing a charge of attempting to commit child sodomy, attempting to commit child rape, and failure to stop ad the command of officers.

If you suspect someone is using the internet to exploit children contact the Utah Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force at 801-281-1211 or send an email to utahicac@agutah.gov.

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