OGDEN (ABC4-News) – First he took his parents car, then he was pulled over by Utah Highway Patrol, of course it went viral, everyone telling the story of 5-year-old Adrian Zamarripa and how he was pulled over driving a little over 30mph on the interstate by the Utah Highway Patrol. Plus, he only had 3 dollars.

He was going to use that to buy a Lamborghini.

He wasn’t able to buy the posh supercar, but he has been able to get a ride in the cars, twice!

The first time Adrian got to ride in a Lamborghini he was picked up by Lamborghini Huracan owner Jeremey Neves, who was inspired because of the kid stealing the car he thought he would take him for a ride in the supercar.

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But now, because the story has charmed most of the public, (Some say he should not have been rewarded for his actions) a celebrity luxury car dealer decided to fly him out to California.

As originally reported by TMZ, RD Whittington, owner of the brand Wires Only, brought Adrian and his family to Los Angels and let him sit in a bunch of the cars, including a Ferrari and a Hummer.

He also talked with Shaq and Lil Pump on FaceTime, then was driven out to meet Jamie Foxx in real life.

Now, Adrian has had two rides in Lamborghinis since he decided to strike out on his own.

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Jeremy Neves said, ““I’m absolutely inspired by the principles that he displayed of success ― knowing what he wants, going after it,” He caveated that with the following disclaimer, ““Absolutely, I’m not encouraging kids to go out and take their parents’ car, and do anything else that’s illegal. I’m not advocating that at all.”

This story is not about just the rewards, Adrian will be reportedly punished by his parents for stealing their car. The Weber County District Attorney has said his parents won’t face charges for neglect.

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